Are you ready to take the leap on your first – or next – team member? Hold up! A question I often get asked is around who the next best hire is, and most people who have never heard me speak about this are surprised by my answer.  In this quickie episode, let’s dive into […]

Hiring, Team

September 5, 2023

Identifying Who Your First (or Next) Hire Should Be

If you’ve been fed a bunch of lies about course creation that go something like this – ‘Oh! It’s easy! Spin up a group coaching program, charge $5k a person, and then just show up once a week from the Bahamas and drink mojitos!’ – and you’re wondering why it’s not exactly going that way for YOU… […]

Course Creation, Marketing, Podcast, Scaling

September 1, 2023

Delivering Outcomes With Mad Respect – How To Improve Your Curriculum and Course Design and Your Learner’s Experience

One minute you’re chuggin’ along, making sales, doing all right, and then – *record scratch* – it’s not not going so well anymore. Maybe you’ve noticed plateauing or decreasing sales, or maybe you can’t shake the feeling that how you’re selling is not congruent with your ‘service above all else’ values…and you know what? You’re […]

Course Creation, Retention, Scaling

August 31, 2023

Trust Isn’t Enough to Sell Courses or Group Coaching Programs: Extending Your Lifetime Customer Value Via Respect and Consent

Human-centric leaders share 7 key traits – and they go way beyond the cookie-cutter “keep an open door policy” cliches that a quick Google search will spit out at you.  Remember, ‘A Players’ don’t play for ‘B Leaders’ –  this quickie episode is just the framework you need to start leveling up your leadership game.  […]

Hiring, Leadership, Team

August 29, 2023

7 Traits of ‘A Leaders’: Leadership Qualities That Attract and Keep ‘A Players’

One way to get serious with your business is to get cozy with your metrics. The only problem is that metrics are based on data, and data has been known to inspire this response – “Data?! GROSS.”  Instant turnoff…maybe…but also…the closest thing to your business’ crystal ball.  Listen & subscribe on your favorite platform:  Apple Podcasts  | […]

Retention, Scaling

August 10, 2023

The Critical Metrics Most Coaches and Course Creators Aren’t Tracking for Long-Term Success 

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