Are you ready to take the leap on your first – or next – team member? Hold up! A question I often get asked is around who the next best hire is, and most people who have never heard me speak about this are surprised by my answer.  In this quickie episode, let’s dive into […]

Hiring, Team

September 5, 2023

Identifying Who Your First (or Next) Hire Should Be

Human-centric leaders share 7 key traits – and they go way beyond the cookie-cutter “keep an open door policy” cliches that a quick Google search will spit out at you.  Remember, ‘A Players’ don’t play for ‘B Leaders’ –  this quickie episode is just the framework you need to start leveling up your leadership game.  […]

Hiring, Leadership, Team

August 29, 2023

7 Traits of ‘A Leaders’: Leadership Qualities That Attract and Keep ‘A Players’

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