Unlink your time from your revenue to sustainably scale your service-based biz

Remove the tasks you no longer need or want to be doing so you can focus on projects that will take your business and vision to the next level.

Sustainable Growth Lab™ is a 12 month program for service-based business owners (AND your team!) already generating at least $50k USD per year, who desire the strategy, systems, and support to help grow sustainably to 5- and multiple 5-figure months.

In lieu of a traditional "sales page," we've created this information page to walk through everything you can expect inside of Sustainable Growth Lab™ and how to know if it's right for you.

Need more info before applying? Let's talk about it!

Sustainable Growth Lab™ is a first-of-its-kind group consulting program with optional done-for-you operational agency support add-on (through the Soulpreneur Agency) 

Sustainable Growth Lab™ is designed to help growing service entrepreneurs go from a freelance (or solopreneur) business model to an actual company and sustainable brand with the primary goal of unlinking your time from your revenue through elevated strategy, operational infrastructure, and leadership so that you have a thriving, growing business with a mission-driven team that offers you your desired life/work dynamic without compromising a single ounce of the quality you provide to your clients or students.

Elevated strategy, operational infrastructure, and CEO leadership explained

Elevated strategy that creates sustainability in your business by crafting structure around the vision you have for your life and ideal lifestyle
  • We will refine your offer structure, your market positioning and messaging, your brand, and more
  • We'll also take into account more specific ways you may desire to show up in your industry as a thought leader, speaker, author, etc

Elevated operational structure that creates sustainability in your business by systemising and automating your processes all the way across the board
  • Building out visibility and marketing assets as well as financial and profit systems (with the goal of, amongst other things, being able to *pay yourself* a minimum of a 6-figure salary)
  • Leveraging processes to start removing YOU as the business owner from day-to-day operations so that your time is not required to generate revenue
Elevated leadership through understanding how much or how little you want to be responsible for leading and developing a team
  • Developing your emotional intelligence around your role as CEO of your business
  • Creating structure around your desire or lack of desire to lead a team to create sustainability either way in your business by removing tasks from your plate in a way that is joyful and manageable

How to know if Sustainable Growth Lab™is right for you

I know you're busy, so I'm not even going to be cute about it right now:

You're working too much, not paying yourself enough, wearing ALL the employee hats instead of being the CEO, and you're waiting for the "freedom" that comes along with entrepreneurship.

And you know it's time to start treating your business like an actual company.

...You know you want to maintain a HIGH level of quality in the work you deliver and you're nervous about building a team whose work you'll have to go back and re-do anyhow.

...You know you need support from team and systems to take your business to the next level to where you want it to be (especially because you are under no circumstance available for burning out), but you're not totally sure where to start.

...You're ready to move out of being the day-to-day taskmaster and create support systems that allow you to focus on the vision and mission of your business AND you want your time freed up to work on higher level projects that will move the needle.

...Your business is currently kiiiiinda running you, and you know your most precious resource is TIME – so you want an abundance of time to spend with your loved ones whilst your business runs seamlessly without you *swoon*

This IS for you if...

You're a coach, consultant, agency owner, or offer a professional service (e.g. law, finance, creative, etc), and are generating $50,000-$300,000 USD per year

You're full time in your business and are willing to dedicate a few extra hours each week to SGL (to get your time back later!)

You're ambitious, intelligent, driven, willing and ready to figure shit out + get shit done, compassionate, generous, open to new ideas + new ways of doing things, and desire to be a part of a supportive and inclusive community as you grow your biz

You want to make intentional choices that support growing a business that creates balance and sustainability in your life

You want a business that has systems, assets, and a team supporting it, so that it can run without your needing to be present in order to make sales, or so it could potentially be sold one day


This is NOT for you if...

You're brand new in your business, do not have a validated offer, or are not yet making at least $4,000/mo consistently


You're generating more than $300k/year AND have a team of 5+

You don't intend for your business to ever be more than a side hustle

You're looking for a quick fix or get rich quick solution

You get shiny object syndrome, have FTI (failure to implement), coach or course hop, or generally consume more than you actually do the work

You have zero desire to employ a team (even a small one) and would rather stay a freelancing solopreneur

You're perfectly happy working 50+ hours per week, on weekends, or whilst being on vacation or parental leave

Watch the Open House

There are two tiers of support available in Sustainable Growth Lab™

Standard access includes (with support starting October 2):

Group foundations calls 4x per month:

Expect to strategise, game plan, mastermind, and receive individualised support around foundational areas of your business each week – and our guarantee is that no question goes unanswered on these calls, so you can rest assured you will never get lost in the crowd.
Week one: Strategy Q+A with Adriane
  • Be prepared for breakthroughs and laser clarity during these sessions, even if you don't have a question to submit for the week
  • These calls are open to any type of question you have, so you can receive the exact support you need
  • You may invite any relevant members of your team* to join these calls with you

Week two: Team + Operations Support with Adriane OR Soulpreneur's Operations Manager
  • Receive assistance or strategy on systems, funnels, tech, organisation, and all things operations
  • You may invite any relevant members of your team to join these calls with you OR send a team member in your place*

Week three: CEO Development with Adriane
  • These calls are focused on the big picture of your business and developing the vision you have moving forward
  • ONLY the business owner should attend these calls
  • At the end of this call, the recording will be turned off, so you may ask any sensitive questions – what’s discussed in this portion of the call will have the expectation of privacy from the Soul Team and ALL members of SGL

Week four: Peer Mastermind led by a member of the Soul Team
  • In these calls, you'll work together to share things that are coming up for you in your business and problem solve as a group
  • Your mastermind group will be a small, hand-crafted group based on business type and income level (bearing in mind that in the beginning, groups may be broader)

Rotating laser-focus calls 4x per month:

Receive targeted, specific strategic support based on what the group needs most help with; calls may include topics such as Facebook + Instagram ads, digital events, visibility systems (YouTube, podcasting, live events, media features), finances, HR and team compliance, legal compliance, launch systems, sales systems, and more. No pressure here – only come to what you need!

Quarterly planning 2-day virtual retreats:

We will gather each quarter on Zoom for two days to navigate the big picture vision of your business, get organised, and create a high level plan of what to focus on moving forward in the next 30-90 days. These retreats will be a combination of strategy, training, masterminding, that lead to an unbelievable amount of progress and clarity.

In-person events twice per year: 

Nothing beats the connection of meeting and masterminding in-person, and here you'll receive coaching, support, and community connection through our upcoming sales leadership conference, Souled Out™. Can't attend live? We will provide virtual streaming access and replays!
  • Both Souled Out™ in-person events during the first year will be within the USA – we are currently planning for late October or early November 2023 in the midwest (likely Detroit area) and early May 2024 in the southwest (likely Phoenix area)
  • Travel, lodging, and most meals are not included in the price of SGL

Slack community:

Get answers to your questions from Adriane and the Soul Team M-Th, celebrate, and connect with your peers

45-minute 1:1 kickoff call with Adriane:

So she can get a full overview of your business and get laser focused on your next steps. Note for the first cohort, these calls will be held the last two weeks of July.

Access to the Soulpreneur Agency at a discount: 

as an SGL member, you will be able to access done-for-you operational and marketing automation support… 
  • At a discounted rate (20% off)
  • Without the standard minimum monthly hours threshold (purchase increments of 5 hours instead of our standard 25 hr/mo minimum)
  • With a quarterly commitment (instead of our standard 6 month retainer)
  • We can provide you with things like (but not limited to): copywriting, launch management, SOP creation, sales automation, visibility (podcast, YouTube, blog, social media) management, and more
  • Agency hours can be added on in 5 hour increments for $600 USD (so $600 for 5 hours, $1,200 for 10 hours, etc)

Access to the Sustainable Growth Lab™ curriculum: 

Learn how to build profit-driven systems, automate your sales and marketing processes, grow a mission-driven team with a killer hiring and onboarding process, and develop A+ leadership skills. 
As a bonus for our first round of students, you may choose to attend sessions of the training material being recorded live, throughout the month of July after which Adriane will stay to answer any questions you may have – kind of liking getting a bonus 13th month of SGL support at no additional cost 😉

SGL PLUS Mentorship (access starts July 31)

Everything included in SGL Standard as well as...

2x monthly additional small group calls with Adriane:

These calls will afford you additional chances to ask open-ended questions about moving your business forward and receive high-level and more individualised consulting-style support – we recommend business owners only join SGL+ who are already above 6-figures, so these calls will include higher level discussion and support.

1x monthly operations 30-minute 1:1 check in with a dedicated Soul Team support coach:

A member of our team will offer customised, ongoing support to build out the operational infrastructure of your business so that you have accountability and assistance as you build out your business systems.

1x quarterly 60-minute 1:1 call with Adriane:

To get laser clarity on the high level vision for your business with clear action steps for moving forward.

CEO 5D Mix 1:1 call with Adriane:

After completing the first stage of the program (which will usually take a month or so, but sometimes longer), meet with Adriane to go through your results and make a game plan for how to better structure your time and identify areas of your business which can be adjusted to free up more of your day-to-day to work on higher level, CEO tasks.

1x quarterly group VIP mastermind day:

In these group VIP days, we’ll spend the day together going through deep trainings and reflections on what’s working right now; each VIP mastermind day will alternate in subject matter but will always include training and hot seat coaching with Adriane as well as a guest speaker who will be bringing high level strategy and expertise to the group.

Voxer access:

Upgrade your access to daily small group support with the ability to voice note with Adriane, the Soul Team, and your peers to get back pocket access to strategy, support, and celebrating your wins (note: Voxer is a free walkie talkie-type phone app)

Upgraded onboarding call with Adriane:

Receive a 90 minute onboarding call instead of the standard 45 minutes.

Upgraded Souled Out™ access:

Access an exclusive SGL+ coaching session, a VIP cocktail reception, and a VIP luncheon, each with Adriane, at both events.

Our 4 primary objectives for you in Sustainable Growth Lab™:

1. How to build profit-driven systems which will enhance the financial viability of your business, identify where to “trim the fat” to run leaner, and help you start keeping more of what you make so you’re also able to pay yourself a proper salary. We’ll work on things like: 

  • How to identify the core functions that drive your business so your resources are more intentionally allocated
  • Understanding financial metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Budgeting and revenue tracking
  • Operating from a Profit First perspective to build a recurring salary and a safety net of savings
  • PS I lovelovelove math and spreadsheets, so I’ll give you resources and simple breakdowns if this is not your bag!

4. How to automate your sales and marketing processes so that you are able to start detaching the link between your time and your revenue – my goal for you here is to create both sustainability and alignment in the way you work within your business with the #1 priority being YOU as a human wanting to have a fulfilling LIFE, not just a successful business. We’ll work on things like: 

  • Getting you the HECK off the content creation hamster wheel and developing content systems
  • Developing more sustainable, passive methods to generate prospective buyers (ads, SEO, media, speaking, PR, etc)
  • Leveraging your gifts and what you like to do the most to generate sales then remove or outsource the rest
  • Creating standards and processes around how you make sales and deliver your offers / products
  • How to plan for you to take actual, UNPLUGGED time off, like vacations or paternity leave

2. How to grow a mission-driven team who are bought into and PUMPED to grow the business alongside you, take initiative, and truly care about seeing your mission grow. We’ll work on things like: 

  • How to write KILLER job descriptions that make people literally beg to work with you and attract A+ talent
  • Creating the dreamiest culture that your team is excited to show up for and collaborate inside of
  • Identifying and developing future leaders of your company
  • Developing an organisation chart and map out benchmarks and a plan for hiring contractors and employees
  • Understanding how to measure performance, conduct performance reviews, and have tough conversations effectively

3. What it means to be an embodied CEO and develop A+ leadership and discernment skills because to just face the facts, 1) to go from multi 6- to 7-figures is far more about mindset than it is about strategy so you’ll want to start developing this NOW, 2) A-level players don’t play for B-level leaders, and 3) without these skills, you can be making all the money in the world and will still feel lack and scarcity. We’ll work on things like: 

  • Identifying and leveraging your (and your teams’) superpowers and genius spectrum (looking at zones of genius, excellence, competence, and incompetence)
  • Developing awareness and integration of personality and intrapersonal assessments (Kolbe-A, Human Design, etc) to develop your leadership skills and understand how to build a stronger team
  • Developing emotional and energetic intelligence as a leader + business owner
  • Getting clear on what you want your role to look like as the business owner in the years to come, let go of any ego that may exist around that truth, and build a life + business you love

"I highly recommend working with Adriane – she's almost like my business fairy godmother! Before working with Adriane, my business was solely reliant on me showing up every single day. Now I have built out a team that helps support me in basically all the activities that aren't my zone of genius so I can have the ability to travel when I want to, where I want to, and know that I have a business that supports my lifestyle. Working with Adriane has honestly been a dream come true, [she helped me generate] over a $100k USD [in sales] in 10 days. And honestly, I could not have done that without her strategy.

Adriane's one of those mentors that you get really excited to actually get on a call with; I know every time I get on a Zoom call with her that we go through strategy, lots of different techniques, and we actually move the needle forward. So I feel so much more confident and clear. So stop sitting on the fence and go invest with Adriane; she will honestly transform your business!"

$100k launch and cleared her calendar

Elle Crawford

Elle Crawford, High Performance Business Coach

Hear it straight from Elle!


A 12 month program for service-based business owners already generating at least $50,000 USD per year, who desire the strategy, systems, and support to help grow sustainably to 5- and multiple 5-figure months.

Sound like what you've been searching for?

Invitations to join Sustainable Growth Lab are by application only.

Our application is thorough, and designed to determine if you'll be a good fit in this program – but if your application is approved, you will have the option to schedule a chat with Adriane to get any of your questions answered before committing.

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We are currently enrolling for a July 31 start

$750/mo USD for Standard / $1,750/mo USD for PLUS with a 12-month minimum commitment

Receive access for you... and your team!

Apply to join Sustainable Growth Lab™ today!

Standard experience

Group foundations calls 4x per month

Rotating weekly laser-focus calls 

Quarterly planning 2-day virtual retreats

In-person events twice per year

Slack community

45-minute 1:1 kickoff call with Adriane

Access to the Soulpreneur Agency at a discount

2x monthly additional small group calls with Adriane

1x monthly operations 30-minute 1:1 check in with a dedicated Soul Team support coach

1x quarterly 60-minute 1:1 call with Adriane

CEO 5D Mix 1:1 call with Adriane

1x quarterly group VIP mastermind day

Voxer access

Upgraded live event access


mentorship experience

Group foundations calls 4x per month

Rotating weekly laser-focus calls 

Quarterly planning 2-day virtual retreats

In-person events twice per year

Slack community

90-minute 1:1 kickoff call with Adriane

Access to the Soulpreneur Agency at a discount

2x monthly additional small group calls with Adriane

1x monthly operations 30-minute 1:1 check in with a dedicated Soul Team support coach

1x quarterly 60-minute 1:1 call with Adriane

CEO 5D Mix 1:1 call with Adriane

1x quarterly group VIP mastermind day

Voxer access

Upgraded live event access


*Your team is welcome to join you inside of Sustainable Growth Lab™ for designated calls and inside of the Slack channel (no Voxer access for SGL+ members’ teams). Note that while you are welcome to invite contracted team members, they must be working a minimum of 20 hrs/mo, and we cannot be responsible for training them. If we discover that a contracted team member is asking questions or seeking guidance to support a business that is not yours, they will be removed from our community and denied access to calls.

Here's how we're doing business better.

Our commitment to inclusion

At Soulpreneur, we take inclusion and diversity seriously. We believe it is critical to get this right and are always trying to improve our way of working to be more inclusive and equitable.

Soulpreneur as an organisation is anti-racist and an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. We are committed to providing an environment where people of all ethnicities, identities, and backgrounds feel welcomed to work, grow, and live in their truth.

We’re giving back to lift women entrepreneurs.

We donate a portion of our profit to Envision Lead Grow, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based throughout the USA dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by sharing the power of entrepreneurship with girls and young women. We believe empowering future leaders, especially young leaders of colour, is a fantastic mission we are proud to support.