Scale your service or learning biz to multiple 6-figures while

gaining your time back, creating freedom of choice in your life + biz, eliminating anything not in your zone of genius, and paying yourself 6-figures

Sustainable Growth Lab™ is a 12 month program for service- and learning-based business owners generating $50-250K USD per year, who desire the strategy, systems, and support to simply and sustainably scale.

Let's just say it like it is.

You're working too much, not paying yourself enough, wearing ALL the employee hats instead of being the CEO, and you're waiting for the "freedom" that comes along with entrepreneurship.

It's time to start treating your business like an actual company so that you can...

Enjoy your business again by removing things that no longer serve you and step into the role of supported CEO
Move out of being the day-to-day taskmaster and create support systems that allow you to focus on the big picture
Feel LIT UP about your offers, your clients, and where you're headed
Prioritise abundant time off and/or abundant time with your loved ones whilst your business runs seamlessly without you *swoon*

There are three primary objectives inside of Sustainable Growth Lab™:


Sustainable strategy you can scale

We will strengthen the position of your offer in the market, then increase visibility in a way that aligns with your long-term goals


Sustainable operations you can scale

We will streamline your cashflow, client experience, and systems (or create them) so that your business runs automagically (and you get YOUR TIME BACK!!)


A team to help you sustain + scale

We will set you up for success as the leader of your team, so you have the tools and strategy to hire, onboard, train, develop, and garner a culture that supports, sustains, and scales your big vision

The qualification criteria for Sustainable Growth Lab™

Sustainable Growth Lab™ is application- and invite-only, and each application will be carefully considered to ensure that, if you are accepted, we are confident we're able to actually deliver on the program objectives and promised outcomes based on your answers.

Because of this, we have strict qualification criteria in place:

This IS for you if...

You're a coach, consultant, agency owner, or offer a professional service (e.g. law, finance, creative, etc), and are generating $50,000 - $250,000 USD per year.

You're full time in your business or are able to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours/week to your business

You're ambitious, intelligent, driven, willing and ready to figure shit out + get shit done, compassionate, generous, open to new ideas + new ways of doing things, and desire to be a part of a supportive community as you grow your biz

You want to make intentional choices that support growing a business that creates balance and sustainability in your life

You want a business that has systems, assets, and a team supporting it, so that it can run without your needing to be present, or potentially be sold one day


This is NOT for you if...

You're brand new in your business, do not have a validated offer, or are not yet making at least $3,000/mo consistently


You're generating more than $250k/year AND have a team of 5+

You don't intend for your business to ever be more than a side hustle

You're looking for a quick fix or get rich quick solution

You get shiny object syndrome, have FTI (failure to implement), coach or course hop, or generally consume more than you actually do the work

You have zero desire to employ a team and would rather stay a freelancing solopreneur

You're perfectly happy working 50+ hours per week, on weekends, or whilst being on vacation or parental leave


A 12 month program for service-based business owners already generating at least $3,000 per month consistently, who desire the strategy, systems, and support to help grow sustainably to 5- and multiple 5-figure months.

There are      main pillars of Sustainable Growth Lab



To give you personalised feedback on your business. You will never be a number, and your questions and ideas will always be addressed.


Our goal is to create intentional outcomes in your business based on your bigger vision, and we'll help you craft a clear strategy to achieve it.


We're in this together, and we will provide you with a space to be in community with likeminded CEOs in monthly masterminding, quarterly retreats, and in-person events.


No person gets left behind, and your success and growth matters to us. We get to know your goals and help you not only navigate them, but stick to them.

Sound like what you've been searching for?

Invitations to join Sustainable Growth Lab are by application only.

Our application is thorough, and designed to determine if you'll be a good fit in this program – but if your application is approved, you will have the option to schedule a chat with Adriane to get any of your questions answered before committing.

Get on the waitlist

Applications will open Spring 2023

$750/mo USD with a 12-month minimum commitment

Here's what you can expect inside...

1-2x weekly group coaching calls: strategise, game plan, mastermind, and receive individualised support around specific areas of your business each week – and our guarantee is that no question goes unanswered on these calls, so you can rest assured you will never get lost in the crowd
Option to add on agency services: SGL members get front-of-the-line access to the Soul Team to directly strategise and implement the work to help you grow
Quarterly planning 2-day virtual retreats: gather each quarter to navigate the big picture vision of your business, get organised, and create a high level plan
In-person events twice per year: nothing beats the connection of meeting and masterminding in-person, and here you'll receive coaching, support, and community connection; both in-person events for the first SGL cohort will be within the USA, and travel is not included in the price of SGL
Slack community: get answers to your questions from me and the Soul Team M-Th, plus celebrate, brainstorm, and connect with your peers 
Intentional learning material: that supports your strategic growth, developing systems to enhance your operational capacity, and hire + build your team

And after joining, you will receive a 1:1 kickoff call with Adriane so she can get a full overview of your business and get laser focused on your next steps

Here's how we're doing business better.

Our commitment to inclusion

At Soulpreneur, we take inclusion and diversity seriously. We believe it is critical to get this right and are always trying to improve our way of working to be more inclusive and equitable.

Soulpreneur as an organisation is anti-racist and an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. We are committed to providing an environment where people of all ethnicities, identities, and backgrounds feel welcomed to work, grow, and live in their truth.

We’re giving back to lift women entrepreneurs.

We donate a portion of our profit to Envision Lead Grow, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based throughout the USA dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by sharing the power of entrepreneurship with girls and young women. We believe empowering future leaders, especially young leaders of colour, is a fantastic mission we are proud to support. 

"I highly recommend working with Adriane – she's almost like my business fairy godmother! Before working with Adriane, my business was solely reliant on me showing up every single day. Now I have built out a team that helps support me in basically all the activities that aren't my zone of genius so I can have the ability to travel when I want to, where I want to, and know that I have a business that supports my lifestyle. Working with Adriane has honestly been a dream come true, [she helped me generate] over a $100k USD [in sales] in 10 days. And honestly, I could not have done that without her strategy.

Adriane's one of those mentors that you get really excited to actually get on a call with; I know every time I get on a Zoom call with her that we go through strategy, lots of different techniques, and we actually move the needle forward. So I feel so much more confident and clear. So stop sitting on the fence and go invest with Adriane; she will honestly transform your business!"

$100k launch and cleared her calendar

Elle Crawford

Elle Crawford, High Performance Business Coach

Hear it straight from Elle!

Ready to grow sustainably...

Get on the waitlist

Applications will open Spring 2023

...while reducing the amount of hours you're working in the business and paying yourself 6-figure salary?