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How 6-figure service-based business owners can build a

that can not only run – but grow – without you

How 6-figure service business owners can build a

that can not only run – but grow – without you

high performing business


Know exactly what to focus on as you delegate and outsource to effectively and efficiently moving tasks off your plate without needing to micromanage


Bring on a mission-driven team who can help do the tasks you no longer need or want to be doing, whilst providing your clients a first-class experience


Understand what will make your biz a self-sustaining asset –instead of YOU being the biggest asset – so it can still make $$ even when you're not there

Go from

Go from

Chief Everything Officer


scaling CEO


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Service biz owners making or on pace for 6-figures per year...

If you're experiencing ANY of the following, this training was designed for you!

  1. You are working 40+ hours per week in your business every week plus some nights, weekends, family dinners, family events, vacations, and holidays
  2. You don't have time to spend on sales, marketing, or growth-level tasks that will help you move your business forward because you're still involved in a lot of day-to-day tasks
  3. More than half of your tasks are administrative, could be easily delegated, or are things you simply don't enjoy
  4. You're concerned about being able to fully step away from your business for any significant amount of time without it affecting the day-to-day of things 
  5. You're working at capacity and feel the weight of the business on your shoulders
  6. You're kiiiiiind of a perfectionist who absolutely refuses to let high quality client work and service be compromised 
  7. Your role as CEO of your business is more like the Chief Everything Officer
  8. You deeply desire space to dream, space to breathe... but you also want to make sure you're pulling your own weight on the team

...I could keep going, but we'll leave it there for now!

Through this training, you'll learn:

How to get out of the day-to-day tasks in your business so you can focus on higher level projects that will help you scalewithout compromising the high quality work you provide your clients
How to avoid the seemingly logical but common mistakes most business owners make when hiring that results in either an underperforming team or that creates more work for themselves
The holy grail metric that will tell you your ability to truly unlink your time from your revenue
What to do – and what not to do if you want a team of A-players, from how to attract them to how to identify them
How to identify the two core functions within your business that are essentially your keys to having a business that isn't reliant on YOUR time as the owner to generate revenue

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